Change of address checklist: everyone to notify when you move 

By: Karlyn McKell

Change of address checklist: everyone to notify when you move 


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Moving is stressful: in fact, many Canadians think it’s the most stressful life event, even ahead of planning a wedding! Part of the reason why moving feels so overwhelming is because of all the small tasks that need to be completed for a seamless transition. 

Changing your address is one of the essential steps everyone needs to take in order to protect their identity and assets. Read on to discover everywhere you need to notify during your move, and download this free handy change of address checklist to get started today. 

Set up a mail forwarding address

The first stop on your change of address checklist should be the post office. Here you can fill out a mail forwarding address to ensure all of the mail sent to your old address gets forwarded along to your new digs! Luckily, the Canada Post has gone digital and you can tackle this task in just a few short steps online using this change of address form

Update your insurance policies

To make sure you are still covered by home insurance, you’ll want to update your policy to your new address before you arrive. This can help protect you in case anything goes missing. You’ll likely have to purchase separate insurance if you want your furniture covered by damages that may be incurred during the move. 


Here are all the insurance policies you’ll want to update with your new address:

Give the government your new address 

Many government agencies have strict rules regarding how soon you need to update your address on your I.D. card and other forms. These rules can vary province to province but if you miss your deadline you could face a hefty fine. 


Government agencies to update include:

Protect your identity and assets 

One of the most common ways identity theft occurs is through mail theft. You don’t want sensitive financial information arriving at an address you no longer occupy. Even a sample credit card could get activated by a thief and impact your credit score. 

In order to protect yourself from identity theft, update your address at the following places:

Don’t forget about snail mail!

Your family and friends will want to be able to find you, too! While your mail forwarding address will help for the first few months, you’ll want to send out moving announcements so your loved ones can update their address books in time for holiday cards. 


These free moving announcements from The Zebra make telling family and friends about your change of address easier than ever.