Family-Friendly Activities You Should Try in Edmonton This Summer

By: Helison Aniyi

Family-Friendly Activities You Should Try in Edmonton This Summer

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Also known as Canada’s Festival City, Edmonton is attractive to Canadian and international visitors. Alberta's capital is on many bucket lists, and there are many great reasons for it. Being the fifth largest city in Canada, Edmonton has a lot to offer, so there's a good reason why you should start planning a visit here. You should start making plans even earlier if you're traveling with kids. We will help you out and ensure you've got the best fun during your stay – here are the best family-friendly activities you should try in Edmonton this summer. And these may convince you to start house-hunting in Edmonton pretty soon.

Visit the West Edmonton Mall

Shopping and fun are the perfect combinations that result in great entertainment for the whole family. Thus, West Edmonton Mall is one of the most popular locations in the city. With over 800 stores and fun spots such as a skating rink, go-karting, water park, and indoor entertainment park, this mall is a favorite among families with kids. Shopping, great food, and a lot of fun under one roof are perfect when traveling with your family, so don't forget to add this location to your summer plans.

Edmonton Valley Zoo is for animal lovers

Families with kids can’t go wrong when visiting any place with cute animals. Edmonton Valley Zoo is where you can see all kinds of animals, including endangered species. The zoo includes over 350 animals and incorporates fun and learning – perfect for both kids and adults. This summer, the zoo offers several events for its visitors. On July 1, you can spend Canada Day with your family here, while you can see the special LEGO exhibition “Nature Connects” until September. Events here are truly educational and fun, so don't miss them during your visit to Edmonton animals.

Telus World of Science

This is one of the best family-friendly activities you should try in Edmonton at any time of the year. It’s a place where you can explore science entirely differently. IMAX movies, themed galleries, interactive exhibits – jump into the world of science with your loved ones and have the best time.

Visit the Muttart Conservatory

This botanical garden is perfect for those who would like to explore the flora of this area and see plants from around the world. This is Canada’s largest indoor botanical collection where your family can relax and breathe in some fresh air. Also, the conservatory offers day camps for your little ones during summer. Its location is also quite interesting. Even though it's close to the city center, the greenhouse is actually nestled in the peaceful valley of the North Saskatchewan River. It adds to the tranquility of the place and helps everyone relax during their visit.

 Go pick your fruits

Summer is the perfect time to go fruit picking with your loved ones. Horse Hill Berry Farm allows you to go berry picking this summer. You can pick your fruits and even continue the fun at home by making your own jam. You can’t go wrong here – this can be the tastiest jam you’ve ever tried!

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See elks and bison in Elk Island National Park

Another paradise for animal lovers, Elk Island National Park, invites you this summer. This is a refuge for not only elks and bison but 350 different animals. It's located a short drive away from Edmonton, and it can be a perfect weekend getaway location and a place to have a picnic. It's also a popular location for overnight campers who love to see the true spirit of wildlife and connect to the animals in the park.

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Looking for a new home in Edmonton

It’s common for casual visitors to fall in love with Edmonton and decide to make it their new home. The city offers excellent family-friendly activities, but it’s also a fantastic place to raise your family. Its friendly atmosphere, numerous festivals all year long, many green spaces, and family-friendly neighborhoods are very popular among parents looking for a new home. But what does it takes to relocate to this Canadian gem safely? More importantly, what's the easiest way to move with kids stress-free?

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Take planning very seriously

When moving with kids, try to avoid improvisation. Make plans in advance, and include all the necessary details. Experts from advise making a detailed moving checklist. This list will help you keep track of your progress and not forget anything important.

Let professionals help you out

Moving with your family can get pretty overwhelming. That’s why you should get help from professionals whenever possible. Moving experts can make your relocation smooth and easy, so explore your options before hiring a reliable team. Explore trustworthy locals and see what company offers the best value for money and provides maximum safety for your family.

Revise your household before packing

It's important to know what you'll bring to your new home in Edmonton. Firstly, declutter your home and say goodbye to all the items you don't use. Sell, donate or give away to friends and family – find a better home for things your family doesn’t need. Next, revise the furniture and other bulky pieces before moving. Some of them may not fit your new home in Edmonton. That's why it's essential to take measures and see if you need to replace your items with slimmer or smaller pieces.

Include the kids

Depending on their age, kids can be pretty emotional about the move. Be patient and talk about the relocation positively and encouragingly. Tell them all the great things about their new home and remind them of all the family-friendly activities you should try in Edmonton this summer. Also, include the kids in the moving process. Declutter and pack your home together, plan the moving activities and discover more exciting facts about Edmonton. This will put your kids in a better mood and make them more eager to live in this fantastic place.