It’s Always the Season | How You Can Sell Your Home Come Fall or Winter

By: Natalie Jones

It’s Always the Season | How You Can Sell Your Home Come Fall or Winter

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When people think of selling their home, spring and summer usually come to mind. However, selling in fall and winter can be just as viable. There are plenty of ways you can make your home attractive to potential buyers, all without having to take a price cut due to the off-season! 

??Take Advantage
Logic seems to reason that this is not the time to sell. Fewer people are looking to move, and there is a fear that prices could be impacted adversely. Fall and winter bring with them dead leaves, fallen branches, and blankets of snow, yet the rewards of selling can more than make up for having to shovel your driveway and clean up the landscape to maintain curb appeal in less-than-appealing temperatures. You may have some apprehension, but the off-season could give you an advantage. Make sure you know exactly what the trends and prices are for your specific area. Yes, there are fewer houses on the market, but that may give you a competitive edge, and there are still buyers out there. They may be much more determined to close than warm-weather shoppers, so don't think you need to lower your sale price, either. ?

Brighten the Home
Early nights can feel like a dampener on a lot of the work that goes into hosting, but the darker months can actually be a staging opportunity to harness ambient lighting. The right type of fixture can make any room feel cozy and bright. Outside, it can help illuminate your landscape and make your home stand out from the crowd. Try to remove as much shadow as you can in your rooms. You might use wall-mounted lighting or strategically add lamps to achieve this. Downlights can be a great addition to the kitchen, as they enhance functionality without undermining atmosphere. When it comes to the outdoors, consider adding lighting along all pathways and entrances. You could even place a few lanterns for a nice seasonal effect. Sensor lights can serve a dual purpose, as they provide ample coverage while giving your home a security boost.

Stage Space
?A spacious home is ideal, but staging a home to convey roominess has its challenges. Every part is likely to have something that takes up space. That may be imposing fixtures, like a big couch, or it might be a plethora of appliances filling up the kitchen. Space can be a key selling point to a prospective buyer. Taking out personal mementos has another advantage. It serves to foster a neutral setting, creating a blank canvas that better allows viewers to visualize transforming your home into theirs. This may not be an easy process, especially as you look to give your home a seasonal quality. Try to put as much into storage as you can, and move furniture around to create walkways in each room.

Get into the Season
This may be a period seen as the off-season, yet it's a great time to get creative with how you present your home. Simply put, don't be averse to seasonal decorations. It's easy to get carried away, but when done in moderation, it can be a great way to engage viewers. Avoid anything excessive, like inflatable decorations, but do add a dash of color to your exterior to give an extra dimension to your curb appeal. You could add seasonal plants, like juniper and blue holly, or a pretty wreath to the front door. A few tasteful decorations or even some seasonal food can equally enhance your home's interior. It fosters a warm, inviting atmosphere without compromising on neutrality.

Small touches will add up quickly. Keep the garden looking beautiful and lush when possible, and add some festive cheer to your décor. A little goes a long way, and with proper lighting, you may be able get your home off the market sooner than you expect.

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