Moving to a New City? These 7 Tips Will Help You Settle In

By: Natalie Jones

Moving to a New City? These 7 Tips Will Help You Settle In

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There’s so much to explore and see when you move to a new city. So much, in fact, that getting to know to your new home can feel overwhelming. However, there’s no reason to feel nervous about settling into a new place. You can get the lay of the land, meet new people and start feeling at home in no time when you follow these seven tips.

Update Accounts and Set Up Utilities
Hopefully you remembered to set up water and power before moving into your new home, but there are other details to attend to once you arrive. Contact Internet, cable, and trash providers to establish service, put fresh batteries in smoke detectors and update your address with the postal service and companies you do business with. Commerce Bank also advises changing the locks, because you never know who could have keys to your home.

Unpack the Essentials
Unpacking isn’t fun, but living in a half-furnished home is worse. Start unpacking as soon as you move in, starting with high-priority rooms including bedrooms and the kitchen. If you can’t eat a home-cooked meal or sleep in your own bed, it will be hard to feel at home.

Explore Your Neighborhood
There’s a whole city at your doorstep, but you don’t need to worry about what’s across town just yet. Start out by getting to know your neighborhood. Go on a walk and say hi to neighbors you see out and about (or knock on their door if you’re feeling outgoing!), find the nearest grocery store, gas station and coffee shop, and explore the neighborhood parks. If you have a lot of options within close proximity to your home, use reviews on Google and Yelp to find locals’ favorite spots.

Take Advantage of Your Networks
You might not know anyone in your new city, but someone you know probably does. Reach out to friends and former colleagues to see if anyone has connections in your location. A mutual contact could become a new friend or at least give you details on the best places to go. recommends doing this before you move so you can hit the ground running after your relocation.

Help Kids Feel Comfortable
If moving is scary for you, it’s doubly so for your kids. You can ease kids’ anxiety about moving by exploring the neighborhood together, joining a playgroup or kids’ activity like youth sports, and keeping an open line of communication between you and your children.

Don’t Forget the Pets!
You’re going to be busy unpacking and exploring your new community, but your pets still need to get out and exercise. Regular exercise keeps your dog healthy and helps him cope with nerves related to the move. If you can’t keep up with daily walks with your own busy schedule, hire a dog walker while you get settled in. If you need to travel back and forth between your old town and your new home during the move, hire a pet sitter who can look after pets in your home. Moving is stressful for dogs and cats, and consistency and routine is the best way to help them settle in.

Enjoy Your New City
Once you have the lay of the land, get out and engage with your new community. Check local calendars for free events, visit the library to learn about upcoming workshops and readings, and shop at small businesses to get a taste of the local flavor. Not only will you feel more connected to the community, but you’ll also increase your chances of meeting like-minded people.

Finally, take time to relax and practice self-care. Moving can feel like a whirlwind. Between unpacking and attending to kids’ and pets’ needs, it’s hard to find a moment for yourself. However, it’s important to find time for little self-care activities like going out for date night or enjoying a quiet night at home as a family. When you manage your stress throughout the move, you’ll be balanced, calm, and ready to take your new town by storm.

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